Laboratory Name: Basic Electrical Engineering lab
Laboratory In charge: Kavita Yadav ( Asst. Prof.)
Laboratory Information: BEE lab. deals with fundamentals of electrical circuits analysis and apply them to laboratory measurements.
Lab Objectives:
• To emphasize on the basic elements in electrical circuits and analyze circuits using Network Theorems.
• To analyze Single-Phase AC circuits.
• To illustrate Single- Phase Transformers and DC Machines.
Lab outcomes:
• LO1: Students will learn strong basics of Electrical Engineering and Practical implementation of Electrical fundamentals.
• LO2: Students will learn different applications of commonly used electrical machinery.
• LO3: Acquire skills in using electrical measuring devices.
List of Equipment’s

S.No     Equipments
1.         Electrical & Electronics system Trainer
2.         Electrical parameter Measurement Trainer
3.         Single -phase Transformer panel
4.         Three –phase Transformer panel
5.         AC/DC Resistive load panel
6.         Inductor load panel
7.         DC Shunt Motor Trainer
8.         Transformer Trainer
9.         Multimeter( Altimeter)

Electrical and Electronics system Trainer

Transformer Trainer

DC Shunt Motor Trainer

AC/DC resistive load panel

Inductor load panel

Single phase Transformer panel

Three phase transformer panel

Electrical parameter measurement trainer