Today, in the face of rapidly changing technological environment and stiff global competition, only the best of talent with the requisite scientific temper and acumen, honed with contemporary knowledge and skills, can cope with the challenges thereof and eventually come out with pragmatic solutions that may serve to the needs of industry and society.

We, at GEC, Madhubani, foster new frontiers of knowledge, creativity and industry relevant innovation and create an ecosystem of active learning with equal opportunities for all the stakeholders. We sincerely endeavor to bridge the gaps in our student’s skills so that they can achieve self-reliance and success in life. We address the deficiencies in both the core/hard skills as well as soft/life skills in order to make our students employable.

We are further committed to grooming our students with virtues of hard work, discipline and professional and personal ethic so that they emerge as socially responsible professionals who can serve the industry or engage in self-employment.

We provide an enjoyable, stress-free, and holistic learning environment in our campus to produce versatile professionals who have the required skills to do well in their chosen careers.

We are quite confident that our pupils graduating from our college will emerge as assets to the organizations they serve in as well as to the society, state and nation at large.

Our Training and placement as well as start-up cells are actively engaged in achieving the aforementioned goals.

Dr. Vikash Kumar