Computer Science is far more than just computers themselves. Today it is the most sought after field because of its compelling intervention on day to day basis in human life. In fact, life will virtually become standstill had there been no solutions of human problems ushering from the science and engineering of computers. It is a field that embraces problem-solving, logic and creativity to unlock the full potential of technology. Dedicated computer science engineers are constantly discovering innovative solutions to make life easy, comfortable and hassle-free.

The department has been established in 2023 by introducing two undergraduate level courses under its umbrella – (1) Computer Science and Engineering and                  (2) Computer Science and Engineering (IOT) with an annual intake of 60 seats each. The department has four well-furnished and equipped computer labs and a computer center with more than 175 higher generation computers laced with 100 Mbps internet lease line and other paraphernalia.