Electrical Engineering is one of the largest and fastest growing fields which generally deals with the study and application of Electricity, Electronics & Electromagnetism.

The department of electrical engineering has also had its inception in the year 2019 along with mechanical and civil engineering trades. It offers undergraduate level course i.e. B. Tech in Electrical engineering on 60 seats. The department is equipped with proficient teachers and modern laboratories which provides sufficient scope to the students to learn the subtleties of the subject. The faculty members have specialization in different core and allied branches of electrical engineering, such as Power Systems, Power Electronics, Instrumentation, Control, Micro-grid, Smart-grid etc. The laboratories provide hands-on training to students for clearer understanding of the concept. The facilities at present include AC Machine Lab, DC Machine Lab, Basic Electronics Lab, Basic Electrical Engineering Lab, Circuit Analysis Lab, Electronic Design Lab and Analog Electronic Lab. Other labs are under the process of establishment.