Computer Center

Computer Center is well furnished and equipped with computers of higher configuration and Internet facilities. It provides computing facilities to the students and teachers for their hands on experience, work on real life project and Internet surfing. As sufficient number of computers is available, students get enough time and opportunity beyond the class and lab time to practice and strengthen their programming skills. Additionally, it has also been offering services to various departments of the institute in maintenance of their computer systems and peripherals.

Other activities of the center include

    • Conduct of various computer related workshops, Moocs, training programs etc. for students and employees of the institute.
    • Conduct of¬†online exams related to MOOC, NTA, and Recruitments etc.
    • Online registration and exams form filling facility for students.
    • Hardware and software management for Institute.

Computing Facilities


Processor : I7 12th Generation
RAM : 16 GB
SSD : 256 GB
HDD : 1 TB
Operating System : Windows 11 Professional