Laboratory Name: Basic Electronics Lab
Laboratory In charge: Abhishek Sharma (Asst. Prof.)
Laboratory Information: This laboratory gives Basic understanding of electronic circuits. There are various instruments which improves practical skills of students.
Lab objectives: To make students skilled in handling various electronics circuits.
Lab outcomes:
LO1: Students will be able to work with DSO, function generator and multi-meters etc
LO2: Students will be able to understand working of various amplifiers, oscillators, voltage regulators.
LO3: Students will be able to design some basic electronics circuits.
List of Equipment’s(with quantity in brackets):
1. Digital Storage Oscilloscope(4)
2. Function Generator(4)
3. BEL-COT (Discrete Components Trainer)(2)
4. BEL-TAT (Transistor Application Trainer)(4)
5. BEL-DIT (Digital IC Trainer)(1)
6. BEL-ADA (Analog to Digital and Digital to Analog Trainer)(1)
7. CL-PID-OP AMP Application Trainer(2)
8. Multimeters (16)

Lissajous Figure on DSO(Digital Storage Oscillator) connected with Function Generator(on left)

Transistor Application Trainer Kit


BEL-COT (Discrete Components Trainer)

BEL-COT (Discrete Components Trainer)

CL-PID-OP AMP Application Trainer

BEL-ADA (Analog to Digital and Digital to Analog Trainer)