Laboratory Name: Analog Electronics Lab
Laboratory In charge: Ajeet kumar (Asst. Prof.)
Laboratory Information: This laboratory gives Basic understanding of Analog Electronics circuit. There are various instruments which improves practical skills of students. At present time this lab is used for undergraduate student to their laboratory experiment especially in Analog Electronics circuit. Students will conduct various experiments related to the topics what have they learned before in class lecture.
Lab objectives: To make students skilled in handling various Analog electronics circuits.
Lab outcomes:
LO1: Students will be able to work with Analog to Digital converter, Digital to Analog converter, Operational Amplifier etc.
LO2: Students will be able to design some Analog electronics circuits.

List of Equipments:
1. Digital Storage Oscilloscope
2. Function Generator
3. Multimeter
4. BEL-COT (Discrete Components Trainer)
5. BEL-TAT (Transistor Application Trainer)
6. BEL-DIT (Digital IC Trainer)
7. BEL-ADA (Analog to Digital and Digital to Analog Trainer)
8. BEL-OPT OPAMP Application Trainer

BEL-ADA(Analog to Digital and Digital to Analog Trainer)

BEL-OPT OPAMP Application Trainer

COT (Discrete components Trainer)

Function generator and DSO

Analog Electronic Lab