Laboratory Name: Chemistry lab
Professor In Charge: Dr. Chandan Kumar Jha (Asst. Prof.)
Laboratory Information: The Chemistry lab conducts experiment of synthesis of molecules, quantitative and qualitative analysis of mixture of chemical and determination of various properties of molecule.
Practical Application: In the chemistry lab, students of B.Tech first year learn to perform some experiment of chemistry and determine some of the properties like composition, m.p, viscosity, surface tension, hardness of water, and Rate of Reaction etc. They learn the safety measures during performing experiment.
List of Equipments:
1. UV-Chamber
2. Hot Air Oven
3. Rectangular Water Bath
4. Magnetic Stirrer
5. Melting Paint Apparatus
6. Digital Balance
7. Chemistry Lab


Hot Air Oven


Rectangular Water Bath

Magnetic Stirrer


Melting point Apparatus