Laboratory Name: Physics Lab
Prof.-in- charge: Dr. Rajeev Kumar Jha
Laboratory Information: The Physics Lab conducts experiments of Mechanics, Waves and oscillation, some basic electronics, semi- conductor devices and optics.

Practical Application: In the physics Lab, students of B.Tech do their branch requirement. They also learn the safety measures, while performing the experiments.
List of Apparatus
1. Di-electric Constant Apparatus.
2. Energy Band Gap Apparatus.
3. Franck Hertz Apparatus.
4. Electronic Timer g by free falls.
5. FET Characteristic Apparatus.
6. Cathode Ray Oscilloscope.
7. Inverse Square Law Apparatus.
8. Sextant
9. PN- Junction Diode Characteristic Apparatus.
10. Planck’s constant Apparatus.
11. E/M by Thompson’s Method.
12. Torsional Pendulum.
13. Bar Pendulum.
14. Moment of Inertia of a Fly wheel.