Workshop in Charge: Krishna Mahto (Asst. Professor)
Workshop Information: The workshop in the Department of Mechanical Engineering is a state-of-the-art facility dedicated to the study and experimentation of various manufacturing processes and their applications. Workshop practice plays a vital role in numerous manufacturing processes such as casting, welding, machining, forming etc.
Practical Application: The workshop in the Department of Mechanical Engineering serves as a crucial platform for students to gain practical insights into the fascinating world of manufacturing processes. Through hands-on experimentation and analysis, students develop the skills necessary to become proficient mechanical engineers capable in manufacturing basic knowledge, skill, and their implementation.
Experimental Skills: By conducting manufacturing processes and projects in this workshop, students will gain insights into the fundamental principles of manufacturing, learn how to manufacture the products using different manufacturing processes. The primary objective of the workshop is to provide students with hand-on experience and practical knowledge related to manufacturing processes.

Sr. No.       List of Shop/Workshop Facility
1.               Tool Room
2              . Carpentry Shop
3              . Fitting Shop
4.              Welding Shop

Tool Room

Carpentry Shop

Welding Shop