Laboratory Name: Manufacturing Technology & Metrology
Prof. in charge: Ranu Srivastava (Assistant professor)
Metrology is relevant to part production in two primary ways. Before manufacturing starts, metrological instruments are used to calibrate the machinery and tooling that will be used during production, which helps to ensure accurate and precise parts. Parts that have been optimized for manufacturability will also factor in specific tolerances, so that the anticipated minor variations in exact component size will not affect their final fit or function, which may help mitigate quality risks.
Metrology is also used post-production to verify that the parts meet design specifications and customer expectations. If the measurements don’t match up, it might be a sign that the manufacturing equipment needs to be adjusted or realigned.
List of Equipment
1. Inside & Outside micrometer
2. Radius gauge
3. Thread plug gauge
4. Gauge block set
5. Vernier caliper (300*0.02mm)
6. Digital Vernier caliper
7. Vernier depth gauge
8. Thread measuring wire set
9. Sine bar
10. Filler gauge
11. Universal protector
12. Screw thread micrometer
13. Pneumatic comparator
14. GO & NO-GO gauge
15. Electrical Comparator
16. Floating Carriage
17. LVDT

Inside & Outside micrometer

Gauge block set

Vernier caliper (300*0.02mm)

Digital Vernier caliper

Vernier depth gauge

Pneumatic comparator

Electrical Comparator

Floating Carriage