Laboratory Name: Heat Transfer Lab
Laboratory In Charge: Rakesh Kumar Rajak (Asst. Prof.)
Laboratory Information: The Heat Transfer Lab in the Mechanical Engineering Department offers various experiments and equipment related to heat transfer, providing several benefits for students.
Practical Application: The lab allows students to apply theoretical knowledge gained in classrooms to real-world scenarios. They can observe and understand heat transfer phenomena through hands-on experiments and fundamental concepts.
Experimental Skills: Through conducting experiments on thermal conductivity of a metal rod, students can learn how heat is conducted through different materials. They analyse the effects of material properties, such as conductivity and thickness on heat transfer.
Course Objective:
1. To understand the modes of heat transfer for different heat transfer equipment.
2. Analyze different methods to calculate the heat transfer coefficient in various heat transfer problem.
Course Outcomes:
CO1. After completing the course, the students will be able to formulate and analyse a heat transfer problem involving any of the three modes of heat transfer

CO2. The students will be able to obtain exact solutions for the temperature variation using analytical methods where possible or employ approximate methods or empirical
Correlations to evaluate the rate of heat transfer

CO3. The students will be able to design devices such as heat exchangers and estimate
The insulation needed to reduce heat losses where necessary.

S.NoName of Equipment
1.Thermal Conductivity of Meta Rod
2.Critical Heat Flux Apparatus
3.Heat Transfer Through Composite Wall
4.Heat Transfer in Natural Convection
5.Heat Transfer in Force Convection
6.Pin Fin Apparatus
7.Double Pipe Heat Exchanger
8.Emissivity Measurement Apparatus
9.Stefan Boltzmann’s Apparatus

Heat Transfer in Force Convection

Stefan Boltzmann’s Apparatus

Thermal Conductivity of Meta Rod

Heat Transfer in Natural Convection

Critical Heat Flux Apparatus

Heat Transfer Through Composite Wall

Stefan Boltzmann’s Apparatus

Pin Fin Apparatus

Double Pipe Heat Exchanger