Laboratory Name: Engineering Mechanics
Laboratory In charge: Rahul Kumar (Asst. Prof.)
Laboratory Information: This laboratory gives Basic understanding of statics and Dynamics of force analysis. At present time this lab is used for undergraduate student to their laboratory experiment especially in statics and dynamics field. Students will be conducted various experiments related to the topics what have they learned before in class lecture. The students will experience the changes in behavior of mechanical structure due to application of various loads and efforts.
Course objectives: To understand the concepts of basic Engineering Mechanism
Course outcomes:
CO1: students will able to find various forces & Moments through vectorial method which acts on Mechanism
CO2: students will gain, knowledge regarding various types of forces & reaction and able to draw FBD which helps them to solve complex problems.
CO3: Students will gain knowledge on friction, equilibrium, and its applications.
List of Equipments:

S.No Name of Equipment
1. Screw jack apparatus
2. Worm and worm wheel -single, double and triple start
3. Wheel and differential axle
4. Winch crab single, double and triple purchase
5. Universal force table
6. Moment of inertia of flywheel
7. Parallel force Apparatus
8. Simply supported beam
9. Friction slide Apparatus

Universal force table

worm and worm wheel

Winch crab single purchase

parallel force apparatus

Worm and worm wheel -single start

Worm and worm wheel -double start

Wheel and differential axle

Winch crab double purchase