Laboratory Name: Dynamics of machine
Laboratory In charge: Rahul Kumar (Asst. Prof.)
Laboratory Information: This laboratory gives Basic understanding of statics and Dynamics of various mechanism used in Machines. In this laboratory students are doing the experiments related to their theory subjects like engineering mechanics and mechanism. In this laboratory, Various Mechanical equipment like goevrnors, gyroscope and cam analysis and other vibrational equipment various force analysis is to be done.
Course objective: To learn how to analyze the motion of the mechanism, design the mechanism to have given motions and analyze the forces in machines.
Course Outcome: At the end of the course students will able to
CO1: Measure the Radius of Gyration, Moment of inertia of flywheel
CO2: Analyse the dynamic behaviour of Machine elements like gyroscope, cam follower & governor.
CO3: To measure whirling or critical speed of shaft.
1. Four Bar chain Mechanism
2. Slider crank mechanism
3. Slip & creep measurement apparatus
4. Cam analysis
5. Epicyclic gear train and torque holding apparatus
6. Motorized Gyroscope
7. Motorized Governor Apparatus
8. Static & Dynamic Balancing Apparatus
9. Bar Pendulum
10. Rope brake dynamometer
11. Prony brake dynamometer
12. Whirling of shaft apparatus

Slip & creep measurement apparatus

Epicyclic gear train and torque holding apparatus

Motorized Gyroscope

Motorized Governor Apparatus

Whirling of shaft apparatus

Models of four bar chain, slider crank mechanism e.t.c