Laboratory Name: Transportation Engineering Lab
Professor In Charge: Kumar Vikas (Asst. Prof.)
Asst. Professor In Charge: Saurabh Abhishek (Asst. Prof.)
Laboratory Information: The Transportation Lab in the Civil Engineering Department offers various experiments and equipment related to properties of Aggregate and bitumen.
Practical Application: The practical application of transportation engineering lab involves testing and analyzing the properties of construction materials such as asphalt, concrete, and aggregates. This aids in designing durable and safe roads, ensuring optimal performance, cost-effectiveness, and sustainability of highway infrastructure.
Experimental Skills: The transportation engineering lab possesses cutting-edge experimental capabilities, enabling precise analysis of asphalt, concrete, and soil samples. Its equipment includes dynamic shear rheometers, Marshall test machines, and triaxial testing apparatus, ensuring accurate evaluation of material properties like strength, durability, and fatigue performance, vital for designing resilient road infrastructures.

Instrument Name
1. Aggregate Impact Testing Machine
2. Ductility Testing Machine
3. Thickness Gauge
4. Thickness Gauge
5. Universal Penetrometer
6. The Pensky Martens Apparatus
7. Ring and Ball Apparatus
8. Los Angel’s Abrasion Testing Machine
9. Centrifuge Extractor
10. Marshall Apparatus
11. Benkelmen Beam
12. Sieve Shaker
13. Float Test Appratus

Marshal Stability

Aggregate Impact Testing Machine

Los Angeles Abrasion Testing Machine

Ductility Testing Machine

Hot Air Oven

The Pensky Martens Apparatus

Sieve Shaker

Centrifuge Extractor

Transportation Engineering Lab