Laboratory Name: Survey and geomatics Lab
Professor In Charge: Kumar Vikas (Asst. Prof.)

Asst. Professor In Charge: Sujeet Suman (Asst. Prof.)
Laboratory Information: Survey Engineering Lab is equipped with advanced surveying instruments and software to train students in precise measurement techniques, land surveying, and geospatial data analysis. The lab facilitates hands-on learning, including total stations, GPS receivers, preparing students for real-world surveying challenges and mapping applications.
Practical Application: Survey engineering lab provides hands-on experience in land surveying techniques, equipment usage, and data analysis. Students learn to measure and map terrains, assisting in civil engineering projects, construction layouts, and urban planning. This practical training equips them to become skilled surveyors, ensuring accurate and efficient project execution.
Experimental Skills: The survey engineering lab excels in various experimental skills, including precise measurement techniques using advanced instruments like total stations. They proficiently conduct field surveys, analyze geospatial data, create digital maps, and apply cutting-edge technologies to solve real-world spatial challenges with accuracy and efficiency.
List of Instruments
1. Chains
2. Thedolite
3. Total Station
4. 5. Digital Plainometer
6. Auto Level



Total Station

Dumpy Level

Digital Plainometer

Auto Level

Survey Lab

Survey Lab