Laboratory Name: Strength of Material Lab
Professor In Charge: Shashank Saurabh (Asst. Prof.)
Asst. Professor In Charge: Manish Kumar (Asst. Prof.)

Laboratory Information: The strength of materials lab is a facility where engineers and researchers conduct experiments to analyze the mechanical properties of various materials. It involves testing materials’ tensile, compressive, and flexural strengths to determine their performance and structural integrity. The lab aims to enhance material selection and design processes for optimal engineering applications.
Practical Application: The practical application of a strength of materials lab involves testing and analyzing the mechanical properties of materials such as tensile strength, bending strength, and hardness. This data aids in designing and evaluating structures, ensuring their safety and efficiency, and optimizing material selection for various engineering applications.
Experimental Skills: The strength of materials lab focuses on testing and analyzing mechanical properties of materials, such as tensile, compression, and bending strength. It involves using specialized equipment to conduct experiments, collect data, and interpret results. These skills aid in understanding material behavior and ensuring structural integrity in engineering applications.

S.No Instrument Name
1. UTM
2. Brinell cum Rockwell Hardness Tester
3. Fatigue Testing Machine
4. Impact Testing Machine.
5. Torsion Testing Machine

Universal Testing Machine

Torsion Testing Machine

Fatigue Testing Machine

Impact Testing Machine

Brinell Harness Tester