Laboratory Name: Environmental Engineering lab
Professor In Charge: Shashank Saurabh (Asst. Prof.)
Asst. Professor In Charge: Sumit Kumar (Asst. Prof.)
Laboratory Information: The environmental engineering lab conducts research and testing to assess environmental quality and address pollution issues. It analyzes water, air, and soil samples, examines the effectiveness of wastewater treatment methods, and investigates renewable energy sources. The lab plays a vital role in developing sustainable solutions to protect and improve our environment.
Practical Application: In the environmental engineering lab, students learn to analyze and treat air, water, and soil pollutants. They develop crucial skills to design sustainable solutions for waste management, pollution control, and environmental protection, contributing to a cleaner and healthier planet
Experimental Skills: Environmental engineering lab demonstrates proficiency in water and air quality analysis, soil testing, and waste treatment evaluation. They excel in advanced instrumentation and experimental techniques, fostering innovative research on pollution control, renewable energy, and sustainable practices. Rigorous experimentation, data analysis, and interdisciplinary collaboration drive their contributions to environmental preservation and remediation efforts.
List of Equipments:
1. Autoclave
2. Hot Oven
3. Air Sampler
4. BOD Incubator
5. COD Testing Apparatus
6. Rotary Flask
7. Flocculator
8. Ph-Mater, DO-Meter, Fluoride-Meter
9. Double Distillation Plant
10. Spectrophotometer



Hot Oven

Air Sampler

BOD Incubator

COD Testing Apparatus

Rotary Flask


Ph-Mater, DO-Meter, Fluoride-Meter

Double Distillation Plant


Environmental Engineering Lab