Laboratory Name: Concrete and Material Testing lab
Professor In Charge: Shashank Saurabh (Asst. Prof.)
Asst. Professor In Charge: Amit Kumar (Asst. Prof.), Ravi Anand (Asst. Prof.)
Laboratory Information: State-of-the-art facility equipped to assess the mechanical, chemical, and physical properties of various materials. Accredited experts conduct tensile, hardness, impact, and corrosion tests, ensuring quality control and compliance with industry standards. Precise analysis aids in material selection, research, and development, bolstering engineering and manufacturing endeavors.
Practical Application: A concrete and material testing lab plays a crucial role in construction projects by ensuring the quality, strength, and durability of building materials like concrete, aggregates, and steel. It helps engineers and builders make informed decisions, meet safety standards, and deliver long-lasting and reliable structures.
Experimental Skills: The concrete and material testing lab possesses advanced experimental skills in analyzing the physical and mechanical properties of construction materials. Through various tests, such as compressive strength, tensile strength, and durability assessments, they ensure the quality and reliability of materials used in infrastructure projects, contributing to safer and more durable structures..

S.No Instrument Name
1. Compaction Factor Apparatus
2. Slump Test Apparatus
3. Vee bee Consisto meter
4. Oven
5. Flow Table
6. Cement Mortar Moulds
7. Cylindrical Moulds
8. Cube Moulds
9. Le-Chatelier Apparatus
10. Le-Chatelier Water Bath
11. Vibration Table
12. Standard Vicat’s Apparatus
13. Flexure Strength Testing Machine
14. Needle Vibrator
15. Digital Compression Testing Machine
16. Sieves
17. Split Tensile strength
18. Concrete Mixture
19. Cement autoclave
20. Water Bath
21. Vibrator machine with needle
22. Strain guage indicator
23. Jaw Crusher

Compression Testing Machine

Compaction Factor Apparatus

Vibrating Table

Flow Table

Flexure Testing Machine

Vee Bee Consistometer


Concrete Mixer

Jaw Crusher

Cement Autoclave